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Meet a Mentor: Khaleel Mohammed

By 24 August 2016August 2nd, 2017Profiles

Khaleel Mohammed Khaleel Mohammed

What are you studying, and why do you like it? I am currently studying Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, and find it very appealing as science had always been my favourite subject at school. I especially like the biological aspects in which I can study the structure, systems and functions of the different parts of the human body.

Why did you become an In2science mentor? The actual idea of visiting schools to assist and encourage students studying science is what drew me towards becoming a mentor. Although I aspire to be doctor, I always enjoy teaching and tutoring roles and In2science just opened that option for me.

Tell us about your In2science placement. I am mentoring at the school from which I graduated,  John Fawkner College. I really enjoy working with the students. It is a fairly small class and I like it that way, since I get to spend a lot of time with every student and it’s much easier to handle when asked to work in a group.

What is it like returning to your old school? I really enjoy meeting all my old teachers and talking about the changes that have occurred in life. It’s also a great feeling to be sitting inside the staff room and drinking coffee when back in the days I had to stay outside the door!

What message do you hope to pass onto the students in your In2science class? I want the students to know that they are all capable of pursuing a career in science and I see it in them.

What’s the best thing about In2science? The fact that it exists is the best thing. Another great thing for me is the time frame. Once a week for ten week really works for me.

What do you want to do after you finish university and why? After I complete my bachelors, I intend to enter Medicine and continue further onto becoming a cardiac surgeon. It’s been my dream since I was 9 and now, I just can’t think of doing anything else with my life.

If you could have an hour to chat with any scientist or mathematician, who would it be and why?

John Craig Venter. He is working on creating synthetic cells after completing the human genome. I want to know whether it would have occurred to him that this would be possible while he was studying the human genome and while at college. I would also like to know his ethical viewpoints on synthetic life.

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