Toyota funds 30 new In2science mentors

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Students at Copperfield College

This April, In2science was thrilled to receive funding from the Toyota Community Foundation to reach even more western Melbourne students in 2019. Last year, In2science placed 291 mentors in Victorian schools and engaged almost 4500 high school students in STEM-related subjects. Thanks to Toyota Australia, we are now able to support 30 new mentors for six schools and support up to 300 Year 7-10 students in Melbourne’s West.

In addition to opening more mentorship spots within Victorian schools, this grant also enables us to develop additional training tools to support our mentors. By training mentors in more specific ways, students can benefit from deeper and more meaningful conversations about future study and career-planning in STEM related fields. These kinds of interactions are crucial to address barriers that prevent students from pursuing STEM-related studies while simultaneously enriching their STEM learning experiences in high school.

In2science is one of seven organisations to have received funding in 2019 to encourage young people in Melbourne’s West to pursue STEM-related study and careers. The Toyota Community Foundation STEM grants forms an ongoing legacy since the closing of manufacturing operations in Australia.

Meet A Mentor: Mabel Chen

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Mabel Chen is an In2science mentor at Preston High School and studying a BSc (Mathematics) at RMIT University.

You know that feeling of not knowing what you want to do, but wanting to do and be everything? That is what In2science mentor Mabel Chen says still hasn’t gone away years after graduating high school.

Mabel was a “pretty stock standard” student who achieved good grades until she stopped engaging, her school attendance dropped and her dream of becoming a mathematician was almost crushed.

Not one to give up on her ambition, however, that 14-year-old girl grew up to study mathematics at RMIT University and mentor students at Preston High School with In2science. When asked what Mabel loves about maths, she says it’s how extensive it is. In fact, trying to pin down something specific was difficult, “I love literally EVERYTHING about maths! It’s huge and all-reaching”.

Studying maths isn’t all about geometry and calculus, though. Mabel credits RMIT University for teaching her coding, one of the most valuable skills she has acquired this year. Coding is everywhere, “not just in the selection criteria of new jobs, but it even pops up in the casual conversations at weekend parties (or at least at mine!)”.

For Mabel, maths feeds the “innate curiosity that we’re all born with” and that feeling of wanting to do and be everything? The most important advice Mabel has is that if you feed that curiosity and “go with it…good things will happen”.

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