The In2science alumni network

Stand out as an exemplary STEM graduate
While at university, you inspired kids to continue studying science and maths.
Now that you’ve graduated, we want your skills, dedication and passion to be recognised.

A catalyst for your career

The In2science alumni network will help you to utilise the graduate career benefits you’ve earned through your efforts as an In2science mentor.

It will give you the opportunity to:

  • Effectively promote the skills you developed as an In2science mentor (see below) on LinkedIn™ and in job applications.
  • Be promoted by In2science to our wide network of industry, government, university and education stakeholders.
  • Connect professionally with your In2science Coordinator through LinkedIn™ skill endorsements and testimonials (case by case for experienced mentors).
  • Network with over 1500 In2science STEM alumni, who work at more than 200 organisations across Australia. Your shared experience and commitment as In2science mentors provides a strong connection to future leaders as your career and professional network develops.

Keep up with the cause

You can remain an ambassador for the importance of STEM education even after you’ve finished your mentoring placements. We know that while your life gets busier, your belief in the importance of an enriching and inspiring STEM education for all students doesn’t disappear once you’ve graduated.

Optional engagement includes:

  • Invitations to join In2science special events, such as the reunion of current and alumni mentors at our annual Awards night.
  • The opportunity to re-connect and give back by mentoring current In2science volunteers on graduate career pathways, with official recognition from your university’s alumni program.
  • Brief and snappy updates on the achievements of current In2science mentors and recent trends in STEM education. Perfect for busy inboxes and social media feeds.

In2science: career benefits for STEM graduates


“Formal qualifications and technical skills are only part of the requirements for modern employees. ‘Soft skills’ and personal attributes are just as important to success.” Yet <1% of Australians reported having any soft skills on their LinkedIn™ profiles. [1]


95% of employers agree that volunteering can be a credible way of gaining real work experience to add to your resume. “Employers are telling us that volunteering can speak real volumes about a candidate’s dedication and commitment to causes.” [2]

As an In2science volunteer mentor, you learnt to communicate effectively, build strong interpersonal relationships, manage time and workload, find creative solutions for challenges in the classroom, and remain resilient while acting to effect change.

These ‘soft’ and ‘enterprise’ skills are in increasing demand by employers in STEM and non-STEM sectors. Hence, they are increasingly valuable for STEM graduates to possess and showcase.

Your work as an In2science mentor is the perfect way to promote these skills and to stand out from the crowd.

Alistair Grevis-James

In2science alumnus
Bioanalytical Chemist at CSL

“In2science gave me the professional skills and experience I needed to get my first proper STEM job out of University, laying an important foundation for my career.”

Join the In2science alumni network

To join the In2science alumni network, please follow the registration link below.


As part of the registration we’ll ask you to complete a brief survey (< 5min). This will help us to help you, by better understanding the sector you’re currently working or seeking employment in, as well as the forms of alumni engagement that you would like to opt in to or out of.

Once you’ve registered, we will email you our recommendations on how to make your In2science mentoring experience a catalyst for your career.

Note: To join the In2science Alumni Network you must be an alumni of the In2science program, rather than a current In2science mentor. Current mentors are encouraged to register once they’ve graduated from their course of study.